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Perth hates young people and creative types. [19 Nov 2009|03:06pm]
I missed this when it happened. Perth does not want happy young people.

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State of play of the solar sail. [10 Nov 2009|10:49pm]

Its ny times so you may need to login. You may want to use bugmenot.
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Security Theatre [19 Oct 2009|05:38pm]

"I littered my carry-on with many of my prohibited items, and also an Osama bin Laden, Hero of Islam T-shirt, which often gets a rise out of people who see it..."
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Don't let the flawed science stop you. [30 Sep 2009|10:47am]
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Measuring Causation [24 Sep 2009|05:48pm]
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Food Ads vs The Real Thing [23 Sep 2009|05:58pm]
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Time Is More Valuable Than Money [21 Sep 2009|05:13pm]
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Colour Blindness Cured in Monkeys [17 Sep 2009|05:59pm]
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Don't Tell The Public How Insecure RFID Actually Is [16 Sep 2009|02:12pm]
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Flourescent bulbs dimmer than makers claim. [14 Sep 2009|05:29pm]

I don't like the idea of banning incandescents, because in areas where you need low electromagnetic interference (eg: recording studio, certain scientific testing labs) the fluorescents can make quite a lot of buzzing interference, while the incandescents are electromagnetically much quieter. So I guess it's going to be noisy recordings for Europe, or they'll have to do it in the dark, or by oil lamp...
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Total Eclipse Of The Heart Flowchart [11 Sep 2009|04:35pm]
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New Solar Panel Made With Hair Instead Of Silicon. [10 Sep 2009|07:44pm]
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Global Monopoly Begins Today [09 Sep 2009|08:29pm]

Here (once the servers start to respond)... http://www.monopolycitystreets.com/
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Placebos Are Getting More Effective. [08 Sep 2009|06:31pm]

"To remain dominant in the future," he told Forbes, "we need to dominate the central nervous system."
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Study shows "mom and pop shareholders" is a bit of a myth. [03 Sep 2009|05:34pm]

A recent analysis of the 2007 financial markets of 48 countries has revealed that the world's finances are in the hands of just a few mutual funds, banks, and corporations. This is the first clear picture of the global concentration of financial power, and point out the worldwide financial system's vulnerability as it stood on the brink of the current economic crisis.


The most pared-down backbones exist in Anglo-Saxon countries, including the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. Paradoxically; these same countries are considered by economists to have the most widely-held stocks in the world, with ownership of companies tending to be spread out among many investors. But while each American company may link to many owners, Glattfelder and Battiston's analysis found that the owners varied little from stock to stock, meaning that comparatively few hands are holding the reins of the entire market.


“If you would look at this locally, it's always distributed,” Glattfelder said. “If you then look at who is at the end of these links, you find that it's the same guys, [which] is not something you'd expect from the local view.”


Glattfelder added that the internationalism of these powerful companies makes it difficult to gauge their economic influence. "[With] new company structures which are so big and spanning the globe, it's hard to see what they're up to and what they're doing,” he said. Large, sparse networks dominated by a few major companies could also be more vulnerable, he said. "In network speak, if those nodes fail, that has a big effect on the network."
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Can Money Buy Happiness? [29 Aug 2009|06:07am]
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Programming music live. [29 Aug 2009|03:32am]

Up first is Chris McCormick, whose performance is a world premiere. 


"Making boring techno music is really easy with modern tools," he says, "but with live coding, boring techno is much harder." 

Way to go, Chris!
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Which one are you? [27 Aug 2009|09:04pm]
If you have a facebook, and are one of these, admit it, and post which one below.

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Wikipedia vs Predator [26 Aug 2009|06:48am]
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If you've ever wondered where all these new super pathogens are coming from... [19 Aug 2009|08:03pm]
This is a sobering article on the problem: http://www.jhu.edu/jhumag/0609web/farm.html

Over 70% of all antibiotic use in the US goes to healthy farm animals. If one of those farm animals gets sick, it is by definition, a resistant strain.

Some in the US govt wants to stop this, but this is BIG business. Those antibiotics aren't free. So they have a fight on their hands: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/07/farmantibiotic/

Denmark banned the practice in 2002 ( http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1P2-334821.html ), the EU followed in 2005 ( http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-140303463.html ). Will the US do its part? Swine flu came from Mexico. What about Mexico?

Does anyone know the Australian state of play? I found only one site saying that the practice is banned in Australia, but have been unable to find anymore information, or legislation.
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